2009 Spring Season Roster Annoucement Print E-mail

The York Region Blues are back again for another season competing in the Downsview Park Tier 3B Division. This season the Blues have added some new faces to the line-up along with some veteran players.

We have set three forward lines that consist of:

Charlie Catalano, Roger DiSchiavo, Jim Boileau
Marco Mariani, Claudio Leo, Frank Russo
Erik Costa, Vince Capone, and Daniel Marchione

Our blue line defenders are:

Marco Zompanti, Trent Gaudon
Daniel Palma, Mike Monaco

Splitting the season on defense will be Enzo Fiorini and Mike Martallacci.

Spare players on the roster are as follows:

Chris Manos defense
Mimmo Commisso forward
Corinto Iampieri forward

Anthony Moro will start in goal.